Collegiata-Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

The façade is a combination of two styles: Romanesque on the bottom level and Gothic further up.

Abbazia di Santa Maria delle Macchie

This Medieval abbey keeps an impressive crypt inside.

Chiesa di San Francesco

This church is a building of particular political importance for the town of San Ginesio. It was, in facts, the meeting place for popular assemblies.

Santuario di San Liberato

This shrine was built in the 13th century, commissioned by the Brunforte family, to keep the relics of the Saint.

Chiesa di San Tommaso e Barnaba

This church had been a hospice in the past.

Monumento di Alberico Gentili

This monument was made by Guastalla in the 20th century.

Ospedale di San Paolo

This hospice is located at the entrance of the town. It was formerly know as Hospice of Pilgrims (“dei Pellegrini”).

Parco della Rimembranza

This is a War Memorial for those who died in war.

Auditorium di S. Agostino

This was a church formerly administered by Augustinian monks.

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