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San Ginesio

-Abbazia di Santa Maria delle Macchie
This Medieval abbey keeps an impressive crypt inside.
Date of building: 1000
-Auditorium di S. Agostino
This was a church formerly administered by Augustinian monks.
Address Via Giacomo Matteotti
-Chiesa di San Francesco
This church is a building of particular political importance for the town of San Ginesio. It was, in facts, the meeting place for popular assemblies.
Address Via Capocastello
Date of building: 1050
-Chiesa di San Tommaso e Barnaba
This church had been a hospice in the past.
Address Via Brugiano
Date of building: 1365
-Collegiata-Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta
Municipal pride, the heart of one of the most historic communities of Marche, the Collegiata is one of the most suggestive beauties of the Marche. Thanks to the Centro Internazionale Studi Gentiliani and Pepe Ragoni, and thannks to the studies of a scientific team of specialists, in 2012 San Ginesio has rediscovered, in a valuable publication, the complexity and uniqueness of its most important church. Remarkable is the importance of art, history and architecture of the Collegiate, still the center of dispute among scholars and assumptions. Emblem of the town and its history, always characterized by pride and a strong sense of autonomy, the church is also a "gallery" of great wealth: in it you will find a series of frescoes by Lorenzo Salimbeni (oratory of San Biagio) and paintings by Stefano Folchetti, Simone De Magistris and Domenico Malpiedi.
Date of building: 1000
-Monumento di Alberico Gentili
This monument was made by Guastalla in the 20th century.
Date of building: 1908
-Ospedale di San Paolo
This hospice is located at the entrance of the town. It was formerly know as Hospice of Pilgrims (“dei Pellegrini”).
-Parco della Rimembranza
This is a War Memorial for those who died in war.
Address Piazza Porta Picena
Date of building: 1925
-Santuario di San Liberato
San Liberato is a place that invades with his spirituality, not only sacred, anyone traveling there. In this corner of San Ginesio, made of mountains, it breathes full meaning of nature (we are in the heart of the Monti Sibillini National Park) and at the same time, you feel an intense atmosphere of Franciscan peace. The hermitage of Monte Santa Maria (hermitage of San Liberato), with his brothers and his rites, silent, suggests a long history: the land of selected passages from Saint Francis. In this hermitage, with agreement of the lords Brunforte, around the year 1260 they were transferred the remains of the blessed Humble and Liberato. From that moment began the history of the sanctuary, a story that became part of selected passages from Saint Francis, written by Brother Ugolino Boniscambi from Montegiorgio between 1320 and 1330 to collect the deeds of Saint Francis, who left his mark in these lands.
Address Strada Provinciale di S. Liberato
Date of building: 1274
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